Finding the right beer isn't easy... 

But with Beers 4 Me you can find it anywhere!

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Beer is Growing!

Over 500 new breweries are opening in the United States every year and the craft beer industry has nearly doubled since 2012. Even beer enthusiasts and insiders can't keep up with this growth!
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Beer is Everywhere!

Where bars and restaurants used to specialize in cocktail and wine lists, beer lists are popping up everywhere and as consumers demand unique beer offerings.


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As a new brewery trying to find the beers that our consumers liked best, Beers 4 Me helped us connect with our customers and match their preferences to our offerings.

Carolina Origins Brewery

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Start Finding the Right Beer
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Beer is for Everyone!

The light beers of yesteryear are gone and not just the hop-heads should be excited. Breweries today experiment with the culinary spectrum in order to offer beer to those previously overlooked.


Learn the Mistakes about Beer

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Beer 4 Me can help!

Beers 4 Me is your guide to navigating these changes and finding the right beer for you. Whether you're new to drinking beer or you keep a case in the fridge, Beers 4 Me can match you with the perfect beer.


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I never liked beer very much. I always found it had an off taste and was either too bitter or too watery. Beers 4 Me introduced me to stout beers with a flavor and consistancy that is more to my liking and now it's all I drink!


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Start Finding the Right Beer